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The Foundation will provide special community service grants to support research or community-based projects, programs, or other activities ("the activity") which result in the improvement of the economic, cultural, and social welfare of the communities in the Hamakua District.  These grants will be made from time to time, and not necessarily on an annual basis, although the Foundation intends to make such grants available annually.


These community service grants will be available to individuals and community-based organizations who complete the and submit the appropriate application forms and required documentation within the applicable time limits, and who are selected by the Foundation's Selection Committee. Each applicant must complete and submit the following information:


  1. A written request identifying grant needs.

  2. A detailed outline and description of the activity which the applicant plans to undertake during the grant period including a clear statement of its specific purpose, a detailed explanation of how the activity will benefit, and result in the improvement of the economic, cultural and social welfare of one or more of the communities in the Hamakua District, the duration of the activity, and a statement of the benchmarks by which progress in accomplishing the activity's purposes can be readily evaluated.

  3. Samples of any prior or pending activity, if any, that the applicant has undertaken, or is undertaking, that is identical or similar to the activity that the applicant proposes.

  4. A detailed budget indicating the financial amount needed to undertake and complete the activity during the grant period.

  5. A description of the financial resources available to the applicant to conduct the activity during the grant period.


The Foundation's Selection Committee will screen the applications and thereafter interview those applicants whose applications are complete and fall within the Foundation's guidelines for its community service activity awards.  The Selection Committee will determine, during each year, whether to grant such award(s) based on its determination of the merits of each application, the proposal and the applicant's commitment to the improvement of the economic, cultural and social welfare of one or more of the communities in the Hamakua District, and the funds available to the Foundation for such community service activity grants.


Each grant recipient will be required to submit to the Foundation a progress and annual program report for each calander year, showing the progress and accomplishment of the activity and the use of the grant.  The annual report shall be due within one month after the end of each year.


If the required annual report is not submitted to the Foundation when due, of if the Foundation has reason to believe that the grant funds are not being properly used in accordance with grant terms, then the foundation will withhold future grant installments to the recipient and may investigate the use of the grant funds to date and/or the progress made to date on the activity.  If, as a result of any such investigation, the Foundation determines that the funds have been improperly used, the recipient will be required to (i) assure the Foundation that future improper uses will not occur, (ii) immediately submit an accounting of the use of the funds involved, and (iii) promptly repay the Foundation all funds that were improperly used.  In any event, the Foundation reserves the full right, in such case, to terminate the grant and demand immediate repayment of all misused funds.


The following are possible examples of the kinds of projects that the Selection Committee would be willing to consider in accordance with the foregoing criteria: economic development and business formation projects, cultural and education projects aimed at increasing public awareness and knowledge of the Hamakua District's historical and cultural heritage, projects to support the formation or strengthening of community youth organizations (e.g., Girls and Boys Scouts), projects to support job fairs and other employment opportunities, etc.

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