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About HLP Hamakua Community Foundation

HLP Hamakua Community Foundation is a domestic nonprofit organization.  HLP was organized for the following purposes: to make gifts, grants and scholarship awards to residents of and organizations in the district of Hamakua, Island, County and State of Hawai'i, and primarily from the Honoka'a community.  Grants and scholarships are awarded based on applicants meeting the criteria that supports economic, cultural, educational and social development initiatives of the Hamakua community.


The foundation was created by Encogen, the former owner/operator of the energy plant in Haina, Hamakua in 1998.  Encogen donated three parcels of land to be sold with the proceeds being used to fund the foundation.  People of the Hamakua community were asked to serve on the HLP board to facilitate disbursement of the funds.  Part of the earnings of these funds are distributed in the form of grants and scholarships annually.


More information about our scholarship program can be found here.  Please note the deadlines for education scholarships on the application.

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