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Annual College Scholarship



The HLP Hamakua Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed to benefit the people of Hamakua.  An annual scholarship is awarded to encourage students that graduate from Honoka'a High School or students who live in the Hamakua District to further their education upon graduation.


Eligibility Requirements:

Graduating seniors or students already attending a University, College or Community College.  The student’s primary residence prior to attending college must have been in the District of Hamakua.  Seniors must attend the higher institution of their choice in the Fall semester immediately following graduation.  A returning college student must be enrolled for the semester immediately following the scholarship award date.  Only Full Time students (12 or more credits per semester) are eligible.

Application Requirements:


  1. Submit a one to two (1-2) page essay (double-spaced) on how your participation in extracurricular activities will help you become a community leader in adulthood.

  2. One (1) letter of recommendation detailing applicant’s background, achievements, leadership abilities, and community involvement.

  3. A personal resume which provides information about community involvement/activities, school involvement/leadership/activities, and work experience if any.

  4. A list of extracurricular activities and community services, include leadership positions held.

  5. Application deadline:  complete application submissions need to be received by April 1.

  6. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


General Information:


  1. Individual award amount: $2,000.00.  Scholarships will be awarded upon proof of enrollment and must be claimed by November 1, of the year the scholarship is awarded.

  2. Applications are available at your school counselor’s office or online.

  3. Applications and supporting documents can be submitted online or mailed to the P.O.Box at the bottom of the page.

  4. If you have any questions, contact Beverly Cypriano, scholarship chair, at 775-0382 or 987-5651.

Form Instructions:

All fields in the form below are marked as required, so each box needs to be filled out.  When attaching a file to the form, you can either click the "Add files" button or drag and drop the file into the form.  Once all files are added to the form, you must click upload to completely attach the files; otherwise, we will not receive your files.

Please Attach the Following Documents to the Application Form:


  1. Essay (1-2 pages type written).

  2. One (1) letter of recommendation.

  3. Resume.

  4. A list of extracurricular activities and community services.

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