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Welcome to HLP Hamakua Community Foundation!

The HLP Hamakua Community Foundation is a Hawai'i nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to promote and improve the economic, cultural, educational and social development of the communities in the District of Hamakua, Island, County and State of Hawai'i (the "Hamakua District"), by providing scholarships, grants, and gifts to support the economic, cultural, and social development initiatives of the communities in the Hamakua District.


The Foundation will provide financial assistance to persons participating in continuing education and job retraining programs and to outstanding high school graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, leadership and service to one or more of the communities in the Hamakua District and will be pursuing post-secondary studies on the university, college or community college levels.  It will also give special recognition and attention to individuals who are residents of the Honoka'a community and who have demonstrated a substantial commitment of community service projects and activities which result in the improvement of the economic, cultural and social welfare of the communities in the Hamakua District.


All such awards will be made by the Foundation's Selection Committee, based upon application and review procedures to select deserving potential awards.

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